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Bridging the gap between professional understanding and who we are

How does diabetes affect your life? DUKADA® Trio is a practical tool for users of insulin pens. With its unique features, you can take insulin anywhere and whenever without forgetting the time of the dose. However, diabetes is not only a matter of technology, medicine, food and exercise. We, therefore, try to find an answer to the [...]

Bridging the gap between professional understanding and who we are2018-03-03T14:35:02+01:00

Dukada Advisory Board member receives international diabetes prize

Professor Peter Rossing received in 2016 the Camillo Golgi Prize. Once a year, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, EASD, gives the Camillo Golgi Prize to a European researcher for outstanding contributions in the field of research on diabetes complications. On 13 September 2016, member of our Advisory Board, professor and Head [...]

Dukada Advisory Board member receives international diabetes prize2019-06-17T17:22:45+02:00

Diabetes in Switzerland – DUKADA Trio

Diabetes in Switzerland The needs of people with diabetes in Switzerland are similar to those for diabetics in other European countries. We are therefore happy that DUKADA Trio is available in Switzerland on the online shop The service is carried out by the Sumiswald Pharmacy directed by Dr. Rupert Uebelhart and placed in Sumiswald in the [...]

Diabetes in Switzerland – DUKADA Trio2018-08-16T11:25:19+02:00

DUKADA’s presence in the German market strengthened

DUKADA strengthens its presence in the German market further through a partnership with the German online pharmacy, die Beraterapotheke. With this DUKADA Trio achieves market access through 3 strong sales channels in Germany and reaches now a very large customer base. Die Beraterapotheke targets its business on products for diabetics and is not least therefor [...]

DUKADA’s presence in the German market strengthened2018-08-21T09:50:11+02:00

Our Sister Country has joined us

04.07.2016: The latest addition of new DUKADA Trio dealers is Diabetic Designed, based in our sister country Sweden. Diabetic Designed is owned and managed by Marie Fahlin and Erik Häggqvist who both have diabetes. Marie’s motivation to establish her own shop started when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetic Designed distributes a wide [...]

Our Sister Country has joined us2018-08-21T10:03:02+02:00

DUKADA on The Iberian Peninsula

DUKADA Trio in Spain and Portugal Our blogs about the new distributors of DUKADA Trio could be read as proposed vacation trips. In mid-June 2016 we initiated for example a promising collaboration with, which now is selling DUKADA Trio in both Spain and Portugal. is based in Gijon in the green Asturias [...]

DUKADA on The Iberian Peninsula2017-10-23T13:53:16+02:00

DUKADA Trio in Germany

Diabetiker-Berdarf GmbH In mid-April 2016, we initiated an exciting collaboration with the important German diabetes enterprise Diabetes-Versand GmbH regarding the sale of DUKADA Trio in Germany by the online shop "DiabetikerBedarf GmbH". This cooperation has in short time already shown its potential. Diabetiker-Bedarf, or db, is known for having an excellent service program where [...]

DUKADA Trio in Germany2017-11-12T13:00:59+01:00

Another strong partner in Germany

01.06.2016: We are very pleased to announce our recent partnership with the dealer Ultra-Pharm. Ultra-Pharm is the German friendly retailer of diabetes-related equipment, with more than 20 years of experience. Customer Service Manager Ms. Nina Gray says: "We always do our best to meet all your needs and guarantee fast delivery without shipping costs in [...]

Another strong partner in Germany2018-08-20T14:32:20+02:00
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