Living with Diabetes using DUKADA® Trio for your disposable Insulin Pen.

Living with diabetes involves technical solutions like a helpful add-on for your existing Insulin Pen.

With the DUKADA® Trio SmartCap for Insulin Pens, you will feel more secure knowing that you can always retrieve information about the time of your latest insulin injection.

In addition, you will feel more independent of your diabetes; It helps you inject insulin whenever and wherever you are.

DUKADA Trio comes with a replaceable battery (normal lifetime at least 6 – 8 months).

Our products fit the insulin pen FlexPen from Novo Nordisk and the SoloStar insulin pen (Lantus, Apidra and Insuman) from Sanofi.

DUKADA Trio is sold by our distributors in Europe and by us at Amazon Europe with good prices and where free delivery often is possible.

Read about the features and the design below!

Diabetes treatment using Dukada Trio for your insulin pen

The Timer, Needle Light (Penlight) and Flexible Grip assist users of insulin pens.

Making your existing insulin pen a smart insulin pen: Receive here a brief introduction to the unique features of DUKADA Trio for insulin pens – or visit our feature page.

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More information on features and the design below!

Diabetes treatment using Dukada Trio for your insulin pen making it smart

The timer, when you forget.

Living with diabetes can cause uncertainty. The timer of DUKADA Trio makes you more secure knowing that you are always able to retrieve information on the time of your latest injection.

It furthermore reduces the risk of a double dose.

Read below more on the benefits of the other features or read our feature page.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

With DUKADA Trio you will feel a bit more independent of your diabetes.

DUKADA Trio assists those who sometimes inject insulin in dark settings or inject “on the go”.

Read more below.

When there is insufficient light.

Turn on the Needle Light when it is necessary.

The use of the extra light does not require much explanation. The images show the benefits of the Needle Light when the injecting insulin in dark settings.

Read here about the results of a user survey, including about the need for the needle light.

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Add-on for insulin pens with Danish Design

Our intention is to facilitate Diabetes Treatment. DUKADA Trio does not weigh much and it does not add length to the insulin pen.

The Danish designers Jesper von Wieding and Tobias Wandrup have ensured that functions and design support each other.

Dukada Trio Danish Design
Diabetes treatment using Dukada Trio Needle Light for your insulin pen

Choose Your Dukada.

Select a version that fits your insulin pen.

Diabetes treatment using Dukada Trio for your existing Novo Nordisk FlexPen
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Diabetes treatment using Dukada Trio for your existing Sanofi SoloStar insulin pen
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