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For Insulin Pens

DUKADA Trio helps you taking insulin whenever and wherever without forgetting the time of the last dose. For everyday life with diabetes and insulin pens.

DUKADA Trio fits insulin pens from Novo Nordisk and Sanofi

Dukada Trio timer for insulin pens with Needle Light and Flex Grip

More than a timer, features for several needs

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Dukada Trio timer for insulin pens

When you forget

Remembers the time since your last dose

Reduces the risk of a double dose

Free yourself

Take your insulin anywhere and whenever without missing the time of the last dose

Take insulin in the dark

Turn on the needle light when needed

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On the go or with shaky hands

FlexGrip ads increased stabililty and control with the insulin pen

Danish Design

Innovation and Design for people with diabetes. Lightweight and does not extend the insulin pen.

Dukada Trio Danish Design
Dukada Trio Danish design

Choose Your Dukada

Select a version that fits your insulin pen

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