Professor Peter Rossing received in 2016 the Camillo Golgi Prize.

Once a year, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, EASD, gives the Camillo Golgi Prize to a European researcher for outstanding contributions in the field of research on diabetes complications. On 13 September 2016, member of our Advisory Board, professor and Head of Research at Steno Diabetes Center, Peter Rossing, received in the prize.

The prize was given to Peter Rossing for his long-standing career in prevention and treatment of diabetes complications.

Peter Rossing received the Camillo Golgi Prize at the EASD Congress in Munich on 13 September 2016. He also gave a lecture about his important research. Of course, we were present at the EASD Congress.

Indeed, for Dukada it is important to maintain contacts with both the diabetes research world and medical practice. Professor Rossing combines these two disciplines.