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Diabetes – Innovations – Danish Design

DUKADA Trio combines diabetes innovations and Danish diabetes design for people living with diabetes.

We are committed to finding solutions on diabetes related issues. Some of us in the DUKADA team are living with diabetes. We focus on medical devices which can help people with diabetes. Our first product was DUKADA Trio.  However, Diabetes Innovation is not only about achieving the most sophisticated and complex technical solution. For us, it is more important to solve basic issues which matters in daily life.

Our insulin timer answers the question many og us often ask on whether or not we took our insulin.

Well, it sounds so obvious: in daily life it is important to have sufficient light when taking insulin. And it is nice to have the light at hand. The alternative, many often faced before DUKADA Trio, was to search for a place with sufficient light to inject.

Likewise it is for us important to give extra options to those who take insulin on the go or have shaky hands.

It all sounds so simple, but it takes innovation to ask these questions and find the solutions.

Diabetes Innovations

  • Divisible Smart Cap
  • Needle Light and Flex Grip
  • Timer based on LEDs visible also in dark surroundings

Especially relevant, the innovative solutions facilitate the use of the insulin pen. You can study the features here. In addition, patents are pending on DUKADA Trio.

Diabetes Innovations and Danish diabetes design Dukada Trio for Novo FlexPen
Diabetes Innovations and Danish diabetes design Dukada Trio for SoloStar

Danish Design

A Danish designer duo has helped us on DUKADA Trio. The designs of Jesper von Wieding and Tobias Wandrup  are well known. You can check some of these here at (  Together with them we have ensured that functions and design support each other. This is in accordance with Danish and Scandinavian design tradition.

As a result, DUKADA Trio is slim and does not extend the insulin pen. The solution on the replaceable battery is easy to deal with. Moreover, DUKADA Trio is very lightweight and easy to carry with your insulin pen. Thus,

  • DUKADA Trio gives options to insulin pens keeping them discrete and elegant.