More options to users of insulin pens

DUKADA Trio is more than a timer. We are therefore pleased that the Magazine of the Danish Diabetes Association in its February 2016 edition wrote the following on DUKADA Trio:

Accessories make it easier to take insulin

A replacement cap for insulin pens makes it easier to take insulin. The cap called DUKADA Trio has a LED timer indicating in which time interval insulin  last was taken, gives possibility for light on the needle and has a flexible and steady grip giving you the option to control the pen with both hands. The battery is replaceable. The cap is a Danish patented invention and fits the FlexPen from Novo Nordisk and SoloStar from Sanofi Aventis.

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Dukada Trio has also been mentioned in two German Diabetes Magazines. The Diabetes-Journal in december 2016 and Diabetes Living also in December 2016.