The time and place for using the insulin pen is not always optimal.

User surveys indicate that:

  • More than 1/3 skip doses or fail to take their insulin properly on average 3 times per month *
  • 80 % are regularly unsure about the time of their last injection and 80 % of theese experience this doubt within the first 4 hours after the injection **
  • 50 % regularly have problems with injections in reduced light **
  • 40 % regularly experience problems with injections on an unstable seating on the go** and
  • more than 10 % have shaky hands **

The results show that the time of the injection is only one of the issues to deal with when you want to ease and improve the use of insulin pens.

DUKADA Trio is therefore more than a timer and contributes to solving everyday problems making life with diabetes easier.

For further information, read our blog “Better quality of life when diabetes is under control”.

*   Novo Nordisk Survey (GAPP ™), 2010
** DUKADA user surveys in 2013 and 2014