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Why is it a good idea to make your diabetes insulin pen smart?

Making your Diabetes Insulin Pen smart We are dedicated to making accessories to your Diabetes Insulin Pen. The purpose is to assist you as users of insulin pens. One of our goals is to level the performance of Insulin Pens with the performance of insulin pumps. There is no doubt that Insulin pumps offer many benefits for [...]

Why is it a good idea to make your diabetes insulin pen smart?2019-03-30T16:50:51+02:00

Diabetes and Festive Periods – smart solutions

Diabetic diet or diabetes diet in festive periods - controlling blood sugar levels The issue has many names. Managing diabetes in festive periods often raise questions among diabetics and other experts. The reason is the changes in lifestyle that often occur during joyful festive periods and the possible effects on sugar levels.  There are [...]

Diabetes and Festive Periods – smart solutions2018-08-20T13:56:53+02:00

Better quality of life when diabetes is under control

The importance of diabetes control In the article*, “Better life and health when your diabetes is under control”,  Professor Peter Rossing says a few words about diabetes control. DMSc. Rossing is Member of our Advisory Board and Head of Research at Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen. Now, the important question is how to achieve good diabetes control and [...]

Better quality of life when diabetes is under control2018-08-16T11:47:21+02:00

Diabetes in Switzerland – DUKADA Trio

Diabetes in Switzerland The needs of people with diabetes in Switzerland are similar to those for diabetics in other European countries. We are therefore happy that DUKADA Trio is available in Switzerland on the online shop The service is carried out by the Sumiswald Pharmacy directed by Dr. Rupert Uebelhart and placed in Sumiswald in the [...]

Diabetes in Switzerland – DUKADA Trio2018-08-16T11:25:19+02:00