Diabetic diet or diabetes diet in festive periods – controlling blood sugar levels

The issue has many names. Managing diabetes in festive periods often raise questions among diabetics and other experts. The reason is the changes in lifestyle that often occur during joyful festive periods and the possible effects on sugar levels.  There are many strategies on how to strike the balance on the diabetic diet. Each one must find a solution which fits best. For people taking insulin, for some it would appear a  good solution to keep track on blood sugar levels and adapt food (carbs), insulin and exercise. In practice it is often much more complicated to find the right balance and a good diabetes diet.

It is true that Christmas and New Year’s Tables are full of carbohydrate-rich foods, often resulting in increased blood sugar levels. So, Diabetics should be particularly cautious with festive meals to keep a balanced diabetic diet.

But, how to keep a balanced diabetic diet?

Well, there are more than one answer to this. But in general, it is important to:

1. Keep track of their blood sugar and check it even more frequently throughout the holiday period is essential.

2. Remember the exercises. The Holiday Period is perfect to plan a family trip. Hiking, walking or football are ideal activities to compensate for eating more than normal.

3. Especially for those who want to drink alcohol, it should be emphasized that a few alcoholic beverages do not cause any problem as long as they alternate with water.

4. Also, juices and soft drinks should be consumed moderately, as there are hidden sources of sugars.

According to experts those suffering from type 2 diabetes are the ones who should be even more careful during Holiday Season.

They are often not able to quickly adjust high blood sugar levels with the intake of fast acting insulin.

According to Laila Tabatabai, an endocrinologist at the Houston Methodist Hospital, for people who do not control their blood sugar well during the year, festive periods make the situation worse.

Dr Tabatabai recommends avoiding white carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes. Instead, our diabetes diet should include food like:

  • Grain products
  • Brown rice
  • Fruits and vegetables.

And we should consume small portions!

However, Laila Tabatabai adds, that “someone who makes smart choices can eat whatever he/she wants and keep their blood sugar at normal levels.”

Smart choices

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