The importance of diabetes control

In the article*, “Better life and health when your diabetes is under control”,  Professor Peter Rossing says a few words about diabetes control. DMSc. Rossing is Member of our Advisory Board and Head of Research at Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen. Now, the important question is how to achieve good diabetes control and improve quality of life.

Peter Rossing first explains that many people living with diabetes need to measure their blood sugar level and take insulin. It is essential for their daily life and health that their diabetes is kept under control. It is also important in order to avoid complications in the long term.

Professor Rossing adds that when you break the daily routines you often can forget to take the insulin. This might be the case if something unusual happens. You could also be in a situation where you simply do not feel confident to inject. However, he notes that “there are devices for insulin pens that support and remember the injection which you can use”.

It is indeed important to take insulin correctly to control your diabetes. We have therefore developed DUKADA Trio to assist you with the insulin shots.

Diabetes control with DUKADA Trio

In short, DUKADA Trio helps you to take insulin whenever and wherever without forgetting the time of the dose. DUKADA Trio fits insulin pens from Novo Nordisk (for example Novo Rapid, Victoza, and Levemir). It also fits the SoloStar insulin pen from Sanofi for Lantus, Apidra, and Insuman.

The timer of DUKADA Trio remembers the time of your last injection of insulin. However, DUKADA is more than a timer. The Needle Light helps you see the needle when there is little light. The Flex Grip allows you to use both hands to control the insulin pen. It is useful if you have an unstable seating on the go while taking insulin or your hands are a bit shaky. DUKADA Trio gives options and of course, you can keep on holding your insulin pen as usual.

Read how many users of insulin pens can benefit from the functions of DUKADA Trio in our blog on the use of the insulin pen.

* Published on 29 December 2016 in an appendix on diabetes to the two leading Danish newspapers (Berlingske Tidende and BT). You can read the article “Together against diabetes” here  in Danish.