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How does DUKADA Trio work?

How does DUKADA Trio work?

DUKADA Trio is a smart replacement cap for your
existing insulin pen (or Victoza pen).

It comes in two versions:

1. For the Novo Nordisk FlexPen (for NovoRapid®, Levemir®,Victoza®, NovoLog®, NovoLog Mix70/30®, Protaphane HM(ge)®, Novomix 30®).

2. For the Sanofi SoloStar pen (Lantus®, Apidra® and

First, you replace the original cap of your insulin pen with DUKADA Trio.

The DUKADA Trio Cap consists of two parts

The Top Cap
(which activates the timer)

The Main Cap
(which includes the features)

The timer

The time count will start automatically when the Top Cap is placed on the insulin pen with DUKADA Trio after an injection.

The Top Cap is in place and the timer is activated

Press the grey button after the Top Cap is attached to see the time passed since the last injection.

There are 4 LEDs. The number of lights indicates the time passed. 1 LED light = 1 hour. So,

• Up to 1 hour : 1 LED
• Up to 2 hours : 2 LEDs
• Up to 3 hours : 3 LEDs
• Up to 4 hours : 4 LEDs
• And so forth

Keep in mind that The Top Cap has to be removed from the Main Cap for at least 10 seconds before it will count as an injection.

What if more than 4 hours have passed?

For example: if up to 9 hours have passed since your last injection:

This is indicated by a total of 9 diode flashes by the same 4 LEDs (2 intervals of the 4 LEDs followed by 1 LED).

Other examples:

15 hours: 15 diode flashes by the 4 LEDs (3 intervals of 4 LED + 1 interval of 3 LEDs).

24 hours: 24 diode flashes by the 4 LEDs (6 intervals of 4 LED).

More than 24 hours: 3-second lightwave.

>A flash by the outer LED will confirm each new time counting (no need to press the button to check that the timer has started).

Security features:
DUKADA Trio takes into account that you might remove the Top Cap for 10 seconds or more without taking insulin. In that case you can keep the ongoing time counting by pressing the button – before mounting the Top Cap – for 1.5 seconds until the outer LED flashes.

9 hours: first 4 LEDs, then again the same 4 LEDs  and finallyLED    

The Needle Light

Take insulin in the dark with the Needle Light:

1. Remove the Top Cap to take the insulin.
2. Push the grey button:

>The Needle Light is on for 20 seconds.

>The light fades off automatically after 20 seconds or if you put the Top Cap back on the Main Cap before 20 seconds have elapsed.

Dukada Trio for Novo FlexPen

The Needle light is on the Main Cap, close to the needle.

The Flex Grip – Firm grip with the traditional method

Using DUKADA Trio with the Flex Grip unfolded:

1. Remove the Top Cap and keep the Grip in its position.
2. Hold the Insulin Pen just as usual.

You will experience a firmer grip on the Insulin Pen as a result of the extra dimension that the Grip provides to the Main Cap.

Flex Grip – The method which gives more control of the pen

Using DUKADA Trio with the Grip folded out:

1.  Remove the Top Cap
2. Fold out the Grip
3. Place the forefinger of the hand that does not hold the Insulin Pen under the Grip and the middle finger above the Grip
4. Then hold the pen as normal with the other hand.

Now, the fingers placed in the Grip can follow and support the Insulin Pen during the injection, providing increased control and stability.

Battery Information

Battery life time is estimated to be 6 – 8 months. You can replace the battery by simply removing the grey part on the Main Cap.

The estimated battery life is based on the use of a “high drain” button cell battery, 1.55V with 82 mAh and the following average usage:

  • 5 display of time per day
  • 3 use of needle light per day

Low battery:
The 4 diodes flash in pairs 4 times after display of time result or Needle Light.

Critical low battery:
The 4 diodes flash and disconnects the selected feature.

Replaceable battery:
After battery switch, no new time counting will be initiated when Top Cap is mounted the first time (unless you have asked for injection light). The outer LED briefly flashes if you ask for time indication in this situation.
Watch our video, on how to replace the battery.

Renata 380/SR936W,
cell battery, 82 mAh, 1.55 V