User guide


DUKADA Trio is a smart replacement cap for your existing insulin pen (or Victoza pen). It comes in versions for the Novo Nordisk FlexPen (for NovoRapid®, Levemir®, Victoza®, NovoLog®, NovoLog Mix 70/30®, Protaphane HM(ge)®, Novomix 30®) and the Sanofi SoloStar (Lantus®, Apidra® and Insuman®).

You replace the original cap of your insulin pen with DUKADA Trio. The two parts of DUKADA Trio (a Main Cap – with the electronics – and a Top Cap) are united when you receive DUKADA Trio.

You use the Top Cap of DUKADA Trio as it was the original cap.

The Time Count will start automatically when the Top Cap is replaced on the insulin pen with DUKADA Trio after an injection.

To see the time passed since your last injection, you press the button on DUKADA Trio. The number of flashes from the diodes (LEDs) indicates the time passed. Examples:
• Within 1 hour: 1 flash (1 LED)
• Within 3 hours: 3 flashes (3 LEDs)

To get Needle Light you press the button before the injection.

Concerning the Flex Grip you can chose to hold the insulin pen the traditional way – by not folding out the Grip. You can also fold out the Grip and control the Insulin Pen with both hands – see eventually the product images or the detailed explanation below for guidance.

The battery can be replaced.

Details below on the 1) Timer, 2) Injection Light, 3) Flex Grip and 4) the replaceable battery:

1. Timer

Press the button while the Top Cap is attached to DUKADA Trio to get information of the time passed

A. How the Timer works:

  • The Time Count starts automatically every time the Top Cap is re-attached to the Main Cap
  • 4 LEDs show the time passed since the last injection

B. When did I take my Insulin last time?

The number of flashes from the diodes (LEDs) indicates the time passed. Examples:

  • Within 1 hour: 1 flash (1 LED)
  • Within 3 hours: 3 flashes (3 LEDs)

Intervals of 4 hours = 4 flashes (light in all 4 LEDs)

  • Within 4 timer: 1 interval (with 4 flashes)
  • Within 9 hours: 2 intervals + 1 flash
  • Within 15 hours: 3 intervals + 3 flashes
  • Within 24 hours: 6 intervals
  • More than 24 hours: 3 second lightwave

C. Other features:

  • The Top Cap has to be removed from the Main Cap for at least 10 seconds before it will count as an injection when the Top Cap is re-attached to the Main Cap
  • A flash in the outer LED (LED 4.) will confirm each new time counting
  • Skip New Time Counting: DUKADA Trio takes into account the situation that you might remove the Top Cap for 10 seconds or more without taking insulin. In this case you can choose to keep the ongoing time counting  by pressing the button for 1.5 seconds until LED 4 flashes before mounting the Top Cap

2. Needle Light

Remove the Top Cap and push the button:

  • The Needle Light will light for 20 seconds
  • The light turns off automatically after each session of 20 seconds
  • You can turn off the light by putting back the Top Cap on the Main Cap before the 20 seconds have elapsed

3. Flex Grip (Stabilizer/Folding Grip)

The stabilizing Flex Grip can be applied in several ways:

A. Using DUKADA Trio with the Flex Grip unfolded:

  • Remove the Top Cap and keep the Grip in its position
  • Hold the Insulin Pen just as usual

You will experience a firmer grip on the Insulin Pen as a result of the extra dimension that the Grip provides to the Main Cap.

B. Using DUKADA Trio with the Folding Grip folded out:

  • Remove the Top Cap and fold out the Grip
  • Place the forefinger of the hand that will not be holding the Insulin Pen under the Grip close to the Insulin Pen. Then place the middle finger on top of the Grip
  • Use your thumb and ring finger (or thumb and little finger) on the hand that controls the Grip, to lift or hold the skin at the injection site

Now, the fingers placed in the Grip can follow and support the Insulin Pen during the injection, providing increased control and stability.

4. The Battery:

  • Low battery: Is indicated immediately after a selected feature, but does not interrupt this feature (LED 1./LED 3. & LED 2./LED 4. flash alternately)
  • Critical low battery: Is indicated immediately and disconnects a selected feature (LED 1./LED 3. & LED 2./LED 4. flash alternately)
  • Replaceable battery: Comes with a Renata 380/SR936W, cell battery, 82 mAh, 1.55 V
  • No new time counting will be initiated when Top Cap is mounted the first time after battery switch (unless you have asked for injection light). The 4th. LED briefly flashes if you ask for time indication in this situation

WARNING: The user retains full responsibility for taking the correct dose of insulin at the right time. DUKADA Trio is to be used as an aid and can not replace other devices such as blood glucose meters. You are encouraged to always follow your doctor or nurse’s advice regarding your treatment and conform to the user manual for the insulin pen at hand.

Revised on 17.09.2017