User guide

DUKADA Trio is a smart replacement cap for your existing insulin pen (or Victoza pen). It comes in versions for the Novo Nordisk FlexPen (for NovoRapid®, Levemir®, Victoza®, NovoLog®, NovoLog Mix 70/30®, Protaphane HM(ge)®, Novomix 30®) and the Sanofi SoloStar (Lantus®, Apidra® and Insuman®).

You replace the original cap of your insulin pen with DUKADA Trio. The two parts of DUKADA Trio (a Main Cap – with the electronics – and a Top Cap) are united when you receive DUKADA Trio.

You use the Top Cap of DUKADA Trio as it was the original cap.

The Time Count will start automatically when the Top Cap is replaced on the insulin pen with DUKADA Trio after an injection.

To see the time passed since your last injection, you press the button on DUKADA Trio. The number of flashes from de diodes (LEDs) indicates the time passed. Examples:
• Within 1 hour: 1 flash (1 LED)
• Within 3 hours: 3 flashes (3 LEDs)

To get Needle Light you press the button before the injection.

Concerning the Flex Grip you can chose to hold the insulin pen the traditional way – by not folding out the Grip. You can also fold out the Grip and control the Insulin Pen with both hands – see eventually the product images or the detailed user manual for guidance.

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