What is DUKADA Trio?2017-09-11T11:04:38+02:00

DUKADA Trio is a replacement cap for your disposable insulin pen. It has a timer, needle light and a flex grip. You replace the original cap of the insulin pen with Dukada Trio. When the insulin pen in question is empty, you simply place Dukada Trio on the next insulin pen.

Why is the timer needed?2017-09-23T08:44:55+02:00

The DUKADA Trio timer remembers the time of the last injection and reduces the risk of a double dosage.

User surveys indicate that

  • More than 1/3 skip doses or fail to take their insulin properly on average 3 times per month *
  • 80 % are regularly unsure about the time of their last injection and 80 % of theese experience this doubt within the first 4 hours after the injection **

*   Novo Nordisk Survey (GAPP ™), 2010

** Dukadas user surveys in 2013 and 2014

Why is the Needle Light needed?2017-09-23T08:49:47+02:00

The time and place for using the insulin pen is not always optimal!

The Needle Light makes it easier to inject in the dark.

Our own user surveys (2013 and 2014) indicate that 50 % of users of insulin pens regularly have problems with injections in reduced light.

Why is the Flex Grip needed?2017-09-23T09:05:16+02:00

The time and place for using the insulin pen is not always the best.

Perhaps you have an unstable seating on the go while taking insulin or your hands are a bit shaky.

The Flex Grip on DUKADA Trio makes it possible to use both hands to control the insulin pen and stabilize injections.

Of course you can keep on holding your insulin pen as usual. In this case, DUKADA Trio provides you with broader and firmer grip on the insulin pen.

Our user surveys (2013 and 2014) indicate that

  • 40 % of users of insulin pens regularly experience problems with injections on an unstable seating on the go, and
  • more than 10 % have shaky hands
How do I use the Flex Grip?2017-09-11T20:59:00+02:00

If you do not do anything – by not folding out the grip – you will use the insulin pen the “traditional” way.

If you fold out the Flex Grip you will be able to control the Insulin Pen both with the fingers of the “other hand” and the hand, which holds the insulin pen – see eventually the product images for guidance.

How does DUKADA Trio work?2017-11-12T23:05:38+02:00

DUKADA Trio has two parts, a Main Cap (with the electronics) and a Top Cap. They are united when you receive DUKADA Trio. When DUKADA Trio is placed on the insulin pen, you can compare the Top Cap with the original cap. You remove the Top Cap from the insulin pen with DUKADA Trio when you take insulin (as you do with the original cap) and put it back after the injection. So, no changes of routines.

The use of DUKADA Trio is straightforward, but you can check the details in the user manual here.

Read the User Manual
No changes of routines, why is there a button?2017-09-11T19:53:08+02:00

The time count starts automatically after the injection when the top cap is returned to the insulin pen with DUKADA Trio. There is of course no need to press the button to start the timer. You decide if or when you will see the time result by pressing the button.

What options do I get with the button?2017-09-11T20:14:12+02:00

First of all, you decide if or when you will see the time result. Normally, one does not always forget the time of the last injection and you press the button when it is needed.

The button also gives you the option to suppress a new time count if you remove the top cap without taking insulin. No other replacement cap comes with this option. Check eventually the manual for more details.

Finally, you turn on the needle light by pressing the same button.

The battery is replaceable, how long time does it last?2018-02-05T10:43:27+02:00

The supplied Renata 380 / SR936W button cell battery has a lifetime of at least 6 – 8 months if DUKADA Trio is used as follows:

  • On average 5 button presses per day for time information (the timer works always, 24/7)
  • On average 3 button presses per day for Needle Light
Which battery should I choose when I buy a new one?2018-02-05T10:53:02+02:00

It is recommended that you buy a Renata 380 / SR936W coin cell battery. It is a silver oxide “high drain” battery, 82mAh 1.55V (dimensions 9.5 x 3.6 mm).

In principle, you could use any silver oxide high drain battery (1.55V, dimensions 9.5 x 3.6 mm). However, if the capacity of the chosen battery, for example, is lower than 82 mAh, the battery life will be shorter than envisaged for DUKADA Trio. Moreover, the product was tested with a Renata 380/SR936W and it is therefore not sure that the specifications, especially in terms of durability, will be met if you choose a different battery.

Where can I buy a new battery?2017-09-15T11:45:10+02:00

You can buy coin cell batteries (like Renata 380/SR936W) in many watch shops or similar. You can also buy them online (for example at Amazon).

How do I change the battery?2018-02-05T11:23:27+02:00

Watch our video on how to replace the battery, or read here:

  1. Remove the Top Cap and loosen the Battery Holder by tapping down on the button and sliding the holder out of the top.
  2. Remove the battery from the holder and replace it with a new battery of the same type.
  3. Place the battery in the holder from the top with the positive pole facing upwards.
  4. Slide the Battery Holder back into the Main Cap from the top until it clicks.
  5. If the Battery Exchange is completed correctly the LEDs will flash quickly four times.
  6. Re-attach the Top Cap to the Main Cap after successful Battery Exchange.
More information2018-09-30T19:26:26+02:00

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