DUKADA Trio in Spain and Portugal

Our blogs about the new distributors of DUKADA Trio could be read as proposed vacation trips. In mid-June 2016 we initiated for example a promising collaboration with Diabetika.es, which now is selling DUKADA Trio in both Spain and Portugal.

Diabetika.es is based in Gijon in the green Asturias in Northern Spain. The business is run by Alejandro Garcia, who is both an experienced businessman and is himself a diabetic. He is an expert in the field of diabetes equipment. On the website www.diabetika.es there is useful information on products and news targeted at diabetics.

If you have forgotten some diabetes related equipment during your trip to The Iberian Peninsula or would like to buy something new (for example a DUKADA Trio or a cooling bag), you can check the Diabetika.es webshop or visit the store at Concepcion Arenal 9, first floor, ES-33202 Gijón (Asturias) to see if they have what you are missing.

Diabetika Spain Dukada Trio

Concepción Arenal 9, bajo
ES-33202 Gijón (Asturias) Spain
Tel: +34 984 24 95 95
Mail: [email protected]