DUKADA develops and sells accessories to your Diabetes Insulin Pen. We work on making life with diabetes a bit easier. The purpose is to assist the daily life of users of insulin pens.

Diabetes insulin pens are often compared with insulin pumps. There is no doubt that insulin pumps offer many benefits for their users. However, most insulin-dependent diabetics still use insulin pens for insulin injections. And most of the insulin pens used are prefilled disposable pens.

The reason for all this is that disposable insulin pens are very easy to use.

Making your Diabetes Insulin Pen smart

Diabetes innovation includes eHealth and high tech innovative solutions. DUKADA participates in these efforts. One of our goals is to level the performance of Insulin Pens with the performance of Insulin Pumps.

However, diabetes innovation also includes practical solutions to everyday challenges.

DUKADA Trio, our first smart add-on for insulin pens, addresses some practical needs of people with Diabetes. 

Here are 3 reasons why an insulin pen add-on like DUKADA Trio will help you in your daily life with diabetes:

REASON 1: Memory of the time passed since the use of the Diabetes Insulin Pen

It is probably the most common problem among diabetics to forget the time passed since the latest insulin injection.

For a diabetic, insulin injections can be a routine. Sometimes we forget the details. Just like we also sometimes forget where have left our keys! 

With DUKADA Trio this ambiguity is gone. The time passed since the last insulin injection is stored automatically by DUKADA Trio. The time passed can be retrieved and displayed at DUKADA Trio when needed.

REASON 2: Practical solutions that follow your lifestyle

Daily life entails a number of different situations every day! How many times did you have to search for a better place to inject because of lack of light? Or how many times did you have problems taking insulin “on the go”?

According to DUKADA’s user surveys, these incidents have occurred to more than 50% of diabetics who use insulin pens. The unique design of DUKADA Trio incorporates illumination of the injection site and a stabilizing grip. 

You can choose to use these features when needed. The purpose is to help you inject insulin whenever needed wherever you are.

REASON 3: Stay focused on your diabetes control

Insulin injections might become a routine for people using a diabetes insulin pen. It might thus affect the daily attention on the use of the Insulin Pen.

We believe that you with DUKADA Trio will pay a bit more attention to these injections.

This will help you to stay a bit more focused on your diabetes control.

About DUKADA Trio

You can buy DUKADA Trio at our retailers or by us at Amazon.co.uk.

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